Podcast #6 – IT Consulting with Jon Auger

In this episode, we speak to Jon Auger about his experience in IT consulting. Listen all the way to the end for one of the more interesting answers to the question, “What one piece of advice would you give to somebody important to you?” It’s worth listening for, plus a number of other gems you’ll love!

Podcast #4 – Mortgage Business

In this episode, Tom Weeks chats with Jeff Morris about his experience in discovering a career and then a business in the mortgage industry. Also, the value of hard work and creating a work-life balance through building a business that allows for it.

Podcast #3 – CFO

Rick Lifferth is the CFO of Ivory Homes, a major home builder in the western United States. In this episode we talk to him about his journey to this job and what he thinks you should know about it.

Podcast #2 – Venture Capitalist

In this episode we talk to Dave Chidester of Rees Capital, an angel venture fund located in Salt Lake City, Utah. He talks about his path to what seems like a dream job and lessons he feels important for those looking to do the same.