Olympic Lesson on Success

I was impressed by this recent article on American athlete’s success at Vancouver (from the Wall Street Journal of all places). A few things impressed me …

1. How little money was spent to target a “medals race” and yet how much success the team is having … particularly in events not usually dominated by American athletes.

2. How Bode Miller is crediting the ski team’s successful run with a more aggressive and exciting attitude toward their sport. He says, “The inspiration level is climbing. They see teammates on the podium and they want that, too. It’s not necessarily the result, but they want to be smiling, they want to ski inspired. You’re seeing a result you haven’t seen from the U.S. in a long time, or ever.”

3. The USOC (United States Olympic Committee) didn’t “over promise and under deliver”. The ATHLETES are delivering in a way that is exciting and fun for us to participate with. Thank goodness the USOC kept their mouths shut and let the athletes do the talking.

All of this inspires in a way that I think we all need right now.

It’s not ALL about the money even though it is an important part.

It’s MORE about passion and risk taking.

Shut up and DO the work.

Good things CAN happen.

And OFTEN DO when approached the right way.

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