Will Curiosity Kill My Brain?

I was listening to a podcast recently that mentioned the number of books in the Library of Congress in relation to what we can actually take in. The numbers were a bit old and a bit off. As best as I can tell there are now over 30 million cataloged books ? but over 140 million total items.

You would have to read well over 5,000 of those items every day for 70 years to consume it all. Insane. Reading one book every week (close to my current average) for 50 years (close to what?s left of my current life expectancy) would only get me through about 2,600 of those books.

It really begs the question of prioritizing activity and media choices. Is it worth trying to get through EVERYTHING I possibly can. I believe it makes more sense to really dig deep in a few areas that are of the most value. Happiness and fulfillment topping that list.

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